The Idea of India

The ‘Idea of India’ in collaboration with Rachna School did the first heritage walk on Mirzapur Road in Ahmedabad. The walk aimed at exposing students of 7th grade to the Islamic heritage of Ahmedabad and the fusion of art representing Hindu, Muslim and Jain religions.

They visited Ahmed Shah Mosque, the private mosque of Ahmed Shah, the city’s founder, the Rani Rupmati Mosque, and the Qutbuddin Mosque, both splendid examples of intricate carved geometrical designs and kalash motifs and the walk’s final stop was the famous Siddhi Sayied Mosque.

Before the walk, the participants were given an orientation about Islamic heritage of India in general and Islamic heritage of Ahmedabad in particular.
We are open to do more such walks for other schools in Ahmedabad.

To know more, write to or call Jitu at 08980051170



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